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With only a few days into 2020 we thought we would share our favourite web design trends we can see happening this year!

The documentary filmmaking process is an arduous one, so you need a fire burning inside that fuels the whole endeavor.

You must find a subject you care about deeply because, through telling its story, you will have to express your personal worldview.

Find a worthwhile subject

Whatever it is -- global warming, civil rights issues, or someone you know personally -- consider how to make a documentary your audience will feel.

If you choose a subject that is universally accepted or boring to others, it won’t make for an engaging watch. If your subject is something broad, narrow it down. Also keep your resources in mind.

Make sure your budget allows for the access you will need to your story. If you’re shooting a global warming documentary that requires a location shoot in Antarctica, you need to make sure that’s going to be possible. RELATE YOUR SUBJECT TO A CONTROLLING IDEA Context is key in documentary filmmaking. In addition to finding an engrossing subject, you need a bigger theme to relate it to.