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Peakover is an innovative production company.

We produce films, documentaries, TV Formats and animations in our unique innovative manner.

Our goal is to create valuable projects by combining our many years of experience with the visual arts and innovative vision of young professionals. We are passionate about storytelling. We believe in manpower, creativity, emotions and genius, we love stories! We design and visualize visual narratives in a creative and unique way. We are more than a production company.

Documentary Productions Creativity and genuineness meet experience. The latest filmmaking techniques are combined with creative animation and graphic design, intimate character development and sound design, years of versatile production experience and understanding. We are constantly working on the development of TV movies, TV series, documentaries, short films and feature films and new drama.

Documentary Productions

- Lifestyle Documentary
- Nature documentaries
- Travel Documentary
- Biography Documentary
- Science documentaries
-Culture Documentary
-Sports Documentary

PEAKOVER Productions

specializing on documentary filmmaking, series and TV Formats. We are dedicated on using the form of documentary as a catalyst for documenting everyday life and social change. We have produce our film stories for bringing to our viewers the essence of reality change.