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Peakover is an innovative production company that responds all kinds of production,photography and post production requirements and specializes in creative visual solutions.

We develop and produce films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, VR video, post production and animations in our unique innovative manner. Our goal is to create valuable projects by combining our many years of experience with the visual arts and innovative vision of young professionals. We are passionate about storytelling. We believe in manpower, creativity, emotions and genius, we love stories! We design and visualize visual narratives in a creative and unique way. We are more than a production company. If you are looking for a team that will give you a reliable, effective and special attention; don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you about your project.

Our Journey

"A movie is a strip of dreams. The camera is more than a recording device; it is the media path that the message that brings us to the heart of another world and a great secret
that is not ours." Orson Welles



For the correct conclusion of the work to be done; the first step is to understand the customer correctly, so that we will spend all our energy on this in the first meeting and we make sure that we understand the customer well. But more importantly, our customer leaves us by realizing that he has expressed himself well and explained the job to the details. When this part of the work is done, the division of work is done immediately, it is now clear in our minds who will do what, at what stage. However, to clarify this distribution, we need to shape the work, so we begin brain storming right away.


We sit at a table with our friends whom we call the Team of Opinion, such as screenwriters, directors, coordinators, and exchange ideas. The important thing here is that everyone can say anything that comes to mind. Because it is unclear from whom and how the ideas will come. We release our thoughts, they fly around the table, and these cause the most beautiful idea to appear. This process continues until a healthy idea on the table is reached by everyone. We now have a good idea, it is time for these thoughts to come to life, that is, to write the script.


Our scriptwriter begins to write the script by taking into consideration the ideas, customer opinions, requirements of the work to be done, requirements of the type of work to be done. The resulting script is read by the Team of Opinion, everyone is worked on until they get agreed and the final version of the script is revealed. (We prefer not to get script approval from the customer for a healthy result, but if the customer has a persistent request in this regard, we can also exchange with them during the script phase.


Following the script process, physical conditions, possibilities and impossibilities, the most beautiful angles, etc. In order to make evaluations such as, a study is carried out in the area where the shooting will take place. After the field analysis is completed, the story board is drawn. Thus, how the script can be depicted in the field is seen on paper. And then the shooting script, team-equipment work begins.


The director prepares a shooting script for himself and his crew in order to get the existing script in the fastest, most effective and complete frame. This script shows in detail what day, in what order, everything in the normal script will be shot. In this way, what kind of equipment is needed for this is revealed in a healthy way. Accordingly, it is determined how much material is needed for light, sound, image, technique etc. and the sequence comes to the stage of shooting. Task distribution is made to the team.


This stage means that all the work done so far is now being implemented. The team carries out the work that falls on itself in a coordinated manner and works until a flawless shooting is achieved. After this stage, half of the work is considered to be finished because the stage of editing, which is one of the most important parts of the work has been started.


This stage is the stage where the result of the work done so far will be obtained. Therefore, the editors read the script carefully, talk about the idea, talk to the director about the idea, and learn how the director reflects this crisis during the shooting phase. Because it is very important to provide unity and mental unity in the fiction stage in order for the dream job to emerge as it is imagined. After this stage, the music and voice process is entered.


When we watch our musician refer to the part that we call “rough fiction”, he chooses the type of music and music that best suits the feeling, genre, and effect that is desired. At the same time, necessary voices-dubbing is performed with specialists in the field. We move on to our last stage, post production.


We can call this episode the perfect combination of everything achieved so far. Image animations, effects, sound mixing, visual and sound effects, color correction sections have been finalized. It is now ready for the approval of our customer. The movie is presented to our customer about ten days before the delivery date and asked if it wants revision. This ten-day process is used to make possible revisions and the final version of the movie is delivered to the customer.


The documents we have are never deleted after the job is delivered. Considering the many possibilities of the customer such as revised requests, image, sound or photo requests, and requests to convert the film into different image formats; The job is stored in the archive with its projects. Because our Corporation always acts on the principle of problem solving.